The United States uses over 134 billion gallons of gasoline per year. Unleaded gasoline is what fuels America, from the personal vehicle to the lawnmower. Flying Star Transport hauls unleaded gasoline, about 8000 gallons at a time, to convenience stores, farms, ranches, and other areas. We have fuel trailers that do this hauling throughout the state of Texas and New Mexico.


Since diesel fuel was patented in 1892, diesel fuel has been a key ingredient in many engines. Clear diesel is what is used in semi tractors, over-the-road trucks, and in many different types of large machinery. Dyed, or off-road, diesel is used in areas like oil rigs, farms, trucking companies, etc. Flying Star Transport delivers loads to 100s of customers throughout the area.

Propane and butane

Mainly used to heat homes, businesses, etc., about 15 billion gallons of these natural gas byproducts are burned annually in the United States. Shipped in special, pressurized containers, Flying Star Transport delivers this product in the Texas Panhandle and in the El Paso area.

Aviation fuel

There are two main types of aviation fuel: Avgas (used in reciprocating aircraft engines), and Jet fuel (used in jet aircraft). Flying Star Transport delivers this fuel in the Texas Panhandle, the Midland area, and Oklahoma.


Ethanol is the same type of alcohol found in alcoholic beverages. Ethanol makes up any- where between 5-85% of most unleaded fuel used in the United States. Most ethanol is made from crops like corn, potatoes, and sugar cane. The United States produces about 14 billion gallons of ethanol annually. Flying Star Transport hauls ethanol throughout Texas to fuel terminals in order for them to blend this with gasoline prior to going to convenience stores.


Biodiesel is diesel fuel primarily made from vegetable oil or animal fat. Most diesel fuel sold in the United States today contains at least 5% biodiesel in the blend. Flying Star Transport delivers biodiesel throughout the region to fuel terminals in order for them to blend this properly prior to delivery to the end users.